Adobe Showcases Voice Activated Photo Editing App

Adobe SenseiSensei is an artificial intelligence created by Adobe. It can take your voice command and turn it into an action. Thus you can edit your photos just with voice command. This is a research project from adobe and could make its way in future adobe products like photoshop or Lightroom.

Quote from Adobe

“Our Adobe Research team is exploring what an intelligent digital assistant photo editing might look like. With Adobe Sensei we combined the emerging science of voice interaction with a deep understanding of both creative workflows and the creative aspirations of our customers. Our speech recognition system is able to directly accept natural user voice instructions for image editing either locally through on-device computing or through a cloud-based Natural Language understanding service.  This is a first step towards a robust multimodal voice-based interface which allows our creative customers to search and edit images in an easy and engaging way using Adobe mobile applications.”