Butterfly in Slow-Motion with iPhone

It was early April, the time of butterfly mating. During this time of year they are very active. We know butterflies collect nectar from flower for sugar. But they also need water and minerals. Which they lick from moist soil. I came across a group of butterflies and decided to film them. I dropped my DSLR setup and set the iPhone in Slo-mo mode. iPhone 6 & 6s can record video at 240 frame per second @ 1280 X 720. You need to set it up in Setting >  Photos & Camera > Camera > Record Slo-mo. This feature is very useful to view our world from a different perspective.

iPhone Slo-Mo Setting

One of the key point here is the way you approach towards the butterflies. I moved towards them very slowly, otherwise it was impossible to be capture them from such close proximity (only 7 inch). The mobile was handheld and at ground level. You can see from the image below how close I was.  iPhone 6 has a 8 Megapixel back camera & the lens is 29mm (35mm equivalent) with fixed 2.2 aperture.

Butterfly in flight location