Canon EF 100mm f/2.0 USM Lens

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Despite a large maximum aperture of f/2.0, the lens still remains compact. For a 100mm prime medium telephoto lens the EF 100mm f/2.0 USM has a wide f-stop of f/2. Ergonomically the f/2 100mm and the EF 85mm f/1.8 Canon lens are identical (albeit there are a small few grams of weight difference and a few millimeters of difference in height). This lens is designed for people who need a medium tele photo lens for their travels. This lens also satisfies the need for one looking for a portrait lens.

Canon’s USM (ultra-sonic motor) technology provides the user with quiet auto-focusing. The lens has rear focusing elements which mean the lens does not move externally when focusing. If you’re into precision filter and polarizer based photography this should appeal to you. The closest focusing distance of the lens is 3 feet or (0.9 meters) with a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:7.1.

The diaphragm of the lens is made out of 8 blades. The widest aperture is f/2 while it can stop all the way down to f/22. The wide f/2 aperture is also responsible for the beautiful bokeh (soft out of focus background or foreground). For a wide lens of f/2 lens vignetting is a going to be a issue, specially when using with a full frame. stopping down to f/2.8 reduces the problem of vignetting. When used with a crop 1.3x or 1.6x DSLR the problem of vignetting is negligible to non-existent.

The lens has an overall external dimension of 3.0″ x 2.9″ and weighs 460 grams. The filter specification of the lens is 58mm.

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Canon EF 100mm f:2 USM -b Canon EF 100mm f:2 USM -aCanon EF 100mm f/2.0 USM Specifications

Angle of viewH:20°,V: 14°,D: 24°
Construction (elements/groups)8/6
No. of diaphragm blades8
Min aperture22
Closest focusing distance (m)0.9
Max magnification (x)0.14
Filter Size (mm)58
Max. diameter x length (mm)75 x 73.5
Weight (g)460
Magnification – Extension Tube EF12 II0.27 – 0.13
Magnification – Extension Tube EF25 II0.42 – 0.28
Lens hoodET-65III
Hard caseLH-B12
Soft caseES-C13/LP1014


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