Canon Speedlite 320EX

Canon Speedlite 320EX

Product Summary


An unique feature of the Speedlite 320EX is a front mounted LED light that allows the subject to be illuminated during live view shooting. The light can also be used as a AF assist beam or can also be used to supplement the available ambient light during a video shoot. The radio transmission facility enables the Speedlite 320EX to be used with Canon EOS digital cameras which have integrated Speedlite transmitters and be used as a unit that is positioned elsewhere than the camera hot-shoe. When shooting the recycling time of the flash gun is 2 seconds.

The guide number of the flash can be manually adjusted. This gives a lot of convenience to the user for the purpose of shooting great quality pictures each and every time. The standard guide number of the lens is 79 (ft.) / 24 (m) at ISO 100 for a full frame 35mm lens. When you re-adjust the position of the flash head to tele, the guide number re-adjusts to 105 (ft.) / 32 (m) at ISO 100.

The Speedlite 320EX is powered by a pack of 4 AA batteries. Alternatively one can use 4 Ni-MH or lithium batteries. On a fully charged set of AA alkaline batteries the flash gun can provide anything between 180-1000 flashes. There is also a built-in power saving mode in the flash which turns the flash gun off after 90 seconds of inactivity.

The external dimensions of the flash are 2.8 x 4.5 x 3.1” and it weighs 275 grams.

Key Features

  • Guide Number 32 (m, ISO100)
  • Compact lightweight design
  • Bounce-and-swivel flash head, with 24mm and 50mm zoom settings
  • Integrated LED video light
  • Wireless slave for off-camera TTL flash
  • Remote Release button
  • Fast, silent recycling

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Canon 320-EX Specifications

Flash Type On-camera, E-TTL II/E-TTL autoflash Speedlite
Compatible Cameras Type-A EOS cameras (E-TTL II/E-TTL autoflash)
Guide Number 78.7 ft./24m (at ISO 100); flash head at 24mm zoom setting
105ft./32m (at ISO 100); flash head at 50mm zoom setting
Flash Coverage EF lens: 24mm/50mm
EF-S lens: 15mm/31.3mm
Manual switching
Number of Flashes Approx. 180 – 1000 flashes, with fresh AA-size alkaline batteries
Recycling Time Normal flash: Approx. 0.1 to 2.3 seconds; Quick flash: 0.1 to 1.8 seconds (AA-size Alkaline Batteries)
Flash Range Guide No. ISO 100e
24 (Normal) 56.1 ft.(at F1.4) 39.4ft. (at F2) 28.2 ft. (at F2.8) 19.7 ft.(at F4) 17.1 ft. (t F5.6)
32 (Tele) 75.1 ft. (at F1.4) 52.5 ft.(at F2) 37.4 ft. (at F2.8) 26.2 ft. (at F4) 18.7 ft.(at F5.6)
AF Assist Beam Intermittent flash firing system
Effective range:
1) At center: Approx. 13.1 ft./4m
2) Periphery:
Custom Functions 1) C.Fn-01: Auto power off (Enabled/Disabled)
2) C.Fn-06: Quick flash w/continuous shot (Disabled/ Enabled)
3) C.Fn-10: Slave auto power off timer (60 minutes/10 minutes)
4) C.Fn-11: Slave auto power off cancel (Within 8 hours/ Within 1 hour)
Power Source 1) Four size-AA/LR6 alkaline batteries are used. Ni-MH or lithium batteries can also be used.
2) This Speedlite is equipped with a power-saving function that turns off the power after 90 seconds if no operations are made.
External Power Source External power supply accessories cannot be used.
Dimensions Approx. 2.8 x 4.5 x 3.1 in./70.0 x 115.0 x 78.4mm
Weight 9.7 oz. / 275g)


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