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READ : The Apps mentioned here as Free – are free when this post is written. The Apps for Apples iOS device are made free by the developers, we don’t know how long the apps remain free, unless the developers mention it. Download Quickly if you want them.

Clipstro – auto strobe motion video creator

Clipstro - auto strobe motion video creator

Normal Price : $ 2.99
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With Clipstro, you can record 5 seconds of video and it will automatically convert it into an actionshot video.
Clipstro allows you to create a video, similar to motion sequence images, hassle-free. Yon don’t even need a tripod.
Enjoy using the app for sports, checking your posture, or videos of cars, bikes, etc.

The video you created can be posted on Facebook, or you can save it to the photo library in order to upload it on video-sharing apps such as Instagram, Vine, LINE, RIDERS.

1) Keep the camera as still as possible. In cases where the camera needs to follow an action, move the camera slowly and no more than 45 degrees.
2) The background should be distinctive. Water, snow, or sky backgrounds will likely not produce desired results. Also, avoid dark places.
3) Because actions performed in place will overlap, objects and actions being recorded should move across the video frame.

The following options are available without In-app Purchase
Interval (smaller values mean closer strobe intervals): 2, 4
Strobes (number of strobes to keep): All, 5
Objects: 1, Many

Addition values available through In-app Purchase (Interval and Strobes options sold separately)
Interval: 3, 6, 8
Strobes: 3, 7, 10

Clipstro supports devices running iOS 7 or later, but the resolution for the video may vary depending on the memory capacity of the device.

Devices with less than 512 MB of RAM … 640X360
e.g.: iPhone4/4s, iPad2, iPad mini 1st, iPod touch 5th

Devices with more than 1GB of RAM … 1280X720
e.g.: iPhone5/5c/5s, iPad 3rd/4th/Air, iPad mini Retina

Clipstro supports devices running iOS 7 or later, but a newer and faster device requires less time to convert.

iPhone 4s, 70 seconds
iPhone 5, 58 seconds
iPhone 5s, 33 seconds
iPhone6, 27 seconds
iPhone6Plus, 27 seconds
iPad 2, 65 seconds
iPad 3rd, 115 seconds
iPad Air, 27 seconds
iPad mini, 58 seconds
iPod touch 5th, 70 seconds