FUJIFILM Macro Extension Tubes MCEX-11 & MCEX-16 for X-Mount

MCEX-16 and MCEX-11 Macro Extension Tubes

Release Date : 20 November 2014

MCEX-11 : $ 84.63
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MCEX-16 : $ 99.00
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Key features

Macro extension tubes are inserted between the lens and the camera body and increase the distance between the lens elements and the sensor enabling users to focus on subjects much closer to the camera.

Two extension tubes (11mm, 16mm)
This offers users a choice of tube depending on the level of magnification required.

MCEX-11 Macro Extension Tube

MCEX-16 Macro Extension Tube

Electronic contacts allow you to shoot with AF and AE using the tube
Electronic connections automatically pass information between Fujinon X-Mount lenses and Fujifilm X-series camera bodies so you can still use autofocus and control the aperture while using the tubes.

Designed exclusively for the XF lenses and X-series cameras
The mount rings of both tubes are made from high-grade solid metal and are precision manufactured to suit the XF lenses and the X-series interchangeable cameras perfectly.

Maximum Magnification of the Macro Extension Tube
This table details the Working Distance (distance from the top of the lens barrel to the subject) and the Shortest Shooting Distance (distance from the image sensor to the subject) of each of the current Fujinon X Mount lenses with and without the tubes attached. Some tubes do not work with some lenses. These are indicated by the grey boxes.

The shooting distance and shooting magnification change according to the position of the focusing lens group. The table shows reference values for when the focusing lens group is in the position to shoot the closest object.

Macro Extension Tubes table 02

Macro Extension Tubes table 01