How Do They Make Camera Lens

Polished Camera Lens

We always use lenses of various kind but ever wondered how a lens is being made. I had an opportunity to go through the manufacturing process of a lens company. Who makes lenses for some renowned brands.

Lenses of different sizes

The process begins with cut pieces of raw ground glass of different sizes as per demand.

Partially Polished Lens

They are polished at different stages and checked repeatedly for quality control. Then coating is applied.

Lens Polishing machine

This machine runs round the clock and polishes lens.

Checking the lens

Checking the lens for imperfection.

Ready for checking

Lens gathered in batches for quality control.

Checking lens specification

Checking lens specification.

Polishing devices

Different type of polishing devices used as per requirement.

Lens cleaned in acidic bath

Once polishing finished lenses are cleaned in acidic bath.

Polished lens

A polished lens is as clear as water.

Lens coating chamber

A multicoated lens gives superior image quality. This machines puts the coat on a lens. Lenses arranged in a dome and ready for coating.

Lens coating chamber

Lens coating chamber.

Coated lenses in dome

Coated lenses in dome.

Multicoated lens

Once coating is finished lens gives the multicolour glow.

Rechecking glasses

Rechecking glasses.

Joining lens with clear glue

Two lens element are joined by optically clear glue.

Bonding with laser ray

Bonding with laser ray

The bonding is made permanent by laser ray.

Application of Rim coating

To reduce unwanted reflection dark color coating is applied at the rim of lens.

Final quality control

Final quality control.

Finished lenses

At last the lenses are ready for shipment. These products grouped together in final assembly line for making the camera lens that we use in camera.

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Junaed is a Doctor by profession who started photography back in 1992. From film days to digital he is regarded as a very good Photographer. He also appears as guest lecturer in various Photographic clubs & institutes.