Leica Announces M-D (Typ 262) with No Rear LCD Screen

Leica M-D

Product Summary

  • Model name: Leica M-D (Typ 262)
  • Release Date: 28th April 2016
  • Focus Type: Manual
  • Format : Full Frame
  • Mounts: Leica M
  • Availability: May 2016
  • Price: $5,995
  • Purchase options: Adorama | B&H | Amazon

Key features

  • 24 MP still CMOS sensor
  • Fast Leica Maestro image processor
  • Manual Rangefinder camera
  • ISO up to 6400
  • No back display
  • Quieter shutter mechanism

With the Leica M-D (Typ 262), Leica Camera AG adds a further model to the Leica rangefinder system. Together with the Leica M and M-P (Typ 240), the Leica M (Typ 262) and the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246), this increases the number of digital M-Generation cameras to five.

The Leica M-D is the first serial production model of the digital M family to be made without a monitor screen. The usual location of the screen on the back of the camera is now taken by the ISO sensitivity setting dial – one of the few, but essential, features of the camera. Although the Leica M-D embodies the entire range of technical advantages perfected over decades in the Leica rangefinder system, it intentionally omits all but the most essential technical features. Radically reduced to the most important parameters required for photography – shutter speed, aperture, distance and ISO sensitivity – it promotes its users’ concentration on what is essential: the picture.

To a large extent, the technical features of the Leica M-D are based on those of the Leica M (Typ 262). Just like all other digital M-Cameras, the Leica M-D (Typ 262) features a high-resolution CMOS full-frame sensor, albeit one that is dedicated exclusively to rangefinder photography, and supports neither video recording nor Live View. Its 24-megapixel resolution ensures exceptional imaging quality and extreme sensitivity to light. At the same time, the camera’s Maestro processor guarantees fast processing of captured image data. Exposures are saved exclusively as RAW data in DNG format. This enables photographers to apply all typical adjustments for digital photographs that may be desired in post-processing software.

Exploring Porto with the Leica M-D from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

The tight focus on ‘Das Wesentliche’ is immediately recognisable in the design of the camera. The Leica M-D expresses purely functional, formal clarity and features design characteristics such as a top plate in brass with a step at the end citing the design of the Leica M9. The Leica red dot logo has been omitted from the front of the camera in favour of its unobtrusive appearance.

In addition to its purist looks, the hardly audible shutter of the Leica M-D also guarantees maximum inconspicuousness when shooting. An invaluable advantage in photographic situations where discretion is essential. As an aid to this, the camera features a shutter cocking system that is particularly quiet in single exposure and enables a shutter release frequency of up to two frames per second. In continuous mode, the M-D has the same sequential shooting speed as its sister model and shoots up to three frames per second.

The Leica M-D is now on sale. The camera package also includes a real-leather carrying strap in full-grain cowhide.

Product Photo

Leica M-D 2

Leica M-D 3

Leica M-D 4

Leica M-D 5

Sample Image

Leica M-D Sample Image 3

Leica M-D Sample Image 2

Leica M-D Sample Image 1


Camera type Compact digital rangefinder system still camera
Lens mount Leica M bayonet with additional sensor for 6-bit coding
Lens system Leica M lenses
Top Cover Brass top cover with integrated thumb rest
Material All-metal magnesium/aluminum body, leather covering, brass top panel and base, black lacquered finish.
Image Sensor LEICA MAX 24 MP-Still CMOS Sensor
Number of effective Pixels 24 Million Pixels
Sensitivity range ISO 200 – ISO 6400
Imaging Platform Integrated imaging circuit with Leica Maestro® Image processor
Electronic Viewfinder Not compatible
LCD Monitor None
Shutter Focal plane shutter for classic image exposure
Shutter Speed 1/4000s – 60s (in Bulb), 1/180s flash synchronization
Burst rate 3fps thanks to 1GB buffer size
Self timer 12s
Storage Media SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Cards
Image File Format DNG™ (RAW data lossless compressed)
File Size DNG approx. 20 Mbyte – 48.2 MByte (compressed)
Exposure Metering In classic viewfinder mode: Through the Lens (TTL) metering, center weighted with variable aperture.
Exposure setting Manual shutter speed setting with direct dial, A-Mode with direct dial, ISO setting with direct dial
Exposure Modes Automatic shutter speed (A-Mode), Manual Exposure (M-Mode)
Compensation -3 EV to +3 EV, 1/3 f-stops
White Balance Automatic white balance
Flash exposure metering Control with center-weighted TTL pre-flash metering (with SCA-3501/3502 adapter, or SCA-3000 standard flash unit such as Leica SF24D/Leica SF 58).
Hot shoe SCA-3502 compatible hot shoe, with center contact
Flash Sync time 1/180s
Focusing Methods Manual focus with optical rangefinder
Optical Viewfinder Large, light bright-line rangefinder with automatic parallax compensation, LED illuminated frame lines.
Optical Viewfinder frame lines Framelines size matches image sensor size at 2m focusing distance
Optical Viewfinder correction Eyepiece adjusted to -0,5 dpt. Corrective lenses from -3 to +3 dpt. available (optional)
Magnification 0.68x
Optical Viewfinder Displays In the viewfinder LED symbol for flash status (at bottom). Four-digit seven-segment LED digital display, brightness adapted to ambient conditions, for: Warning in case of exposure correction; display of automatic shutter speed in automatic mode; advisory indicating use of metering memory lock LED exposure monitor with two triangular and one central circular LED with manual exposure setting
Rangefinder Split or superimposed image range finder shown as a bright field in the center of the viewfinder image
Rangefinder effective metering Basis 47.1 mm (mechanical metering basis 69.25 mm x viewfinder magnification 0.68 times)
Start up time <1s
Power Supply Li-ion battery (included), 7.4V, 1800 mAh
User Profiles 4 Profiles, exportable
Tripod Thread A 1/4 (1/4″) DIN made of stainless steel in base plate
Dimensions approx. 139 x 42 x 80 mm (5.5 x 1.7 x 3.1 in.)
Weight 690 g
Operating Temperature 0°C – 40°C
Accessories Included Battery, Charger with power cables for EU and USA (different in some export markets), 12V charging cable, Carrying strap, Accessory port cover, Body cap
Software licenses Adobe® Lightroom®
New optional accessories Multifunctional Handgrip M, Handgrip M, SCA Adapter Set for Multi-functional Handgrip M, Power Adapter for Multi-functional Handgrip M, Finger loop for Multi-functional Handgrip M, Size S / M / L, Ever-Ready Case M, Li-ion Battery BP-SCL2, Battery charger BC-SCL2

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