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Leica Summilux 21mm f1.4 ASPH Lens

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Key features

The Summilux-M 21mm f/1.4 ASPH lens an outstanding performer in its class. The fast F1.4 aperture can generate shallow depth to distinguish the subject from background. The 10 elements in 8 groups design includes 5 glasses with anomalous partial dispersion for undistorted image quality. The lens has 6bit coding for data transmission between lens and digital M camera body. This allows the camera to identify lens in use and apply vignetting correction at final stage of image processing.




Filter Size Series 8 filters in lens hood
Aperture 1.4-16
Magnification 1:29
Angle of View 92°
Groups/Elements 8/10
Length 2.6″
Maximum Diameter 2.7″
Weight 1.3 lb (580g)