Lightroom Tutorial

Lightroom 6

Adobe released all New Lightroom 6/CC on 21st April. In subsequent days they also published 60 New tutorial in their youtube channel explaining the various features of Lightroom. You can visit the Lightroom channel from adobe in youtube here. We have enlisted the topics below.

Printing Multiple Images to a Single JPEG in Lightroom

Creating a Custom Identity Plate in Lightroom

Setting Text Over a Background Image in Lightroom

Customizing Page Templates in Lightroom

Emailing Photos from Lightroom

Create a Custom Watermark in Lightroom

Opening Multiple Photographs into a Single Photoshop File

Adding Cross Process Effects in Lightroom

Taking Advantage of Virtual Copies in Lightroom

Selective Coloring Effects in Lightroom

Multiple Undo, the History Panel, and Before and After View in Lightroom

Applying Changes to Multiple Images in Lightroom

Shadow and Highlight Clipping Warnings In Lightroom

Saving Changes to Files in Lightroom

Working with Smart Collections in Lightroom

Deleting Photographs in Lightroom

Customizing View Options in Lightroom

Creating Custom Sort Orders in Lightroom

Don’t Move Photos Behind Lightroom’s Back

Adding Copyright and Contact Information to Photographs in Lightroom

Creating a Custom File Renaming Templates in Lightroom

Exploring Iceland with the CC Photography plan

Lightroom CC – Print the Perfect Image

Lightroom CC – Working with Text in The Book Module

Lightroom CC – Modifying Book Layouts

Lightroom CC – Publish a Slideshow

Lightroom CC – Book Module Basics

Lightroom CC – Creating and Saving Presets in the Develop Module

Lightroom CC – Adding Vignette and Grain Effects

Lightroom CC – Adding Color Toning to Black and White Images

Lightroom CC – Create Stunning Images using the Basic Panel

Lightroom CC – Creating Custom Collections of Images

Lightroom CC – Using Filters to Quickly Find Photos

Lightroom CC – Exporting Images

Lightroom CC – Moving Between Lightroom and Photoshop

Lightroom CC – Viewing and Selecting Images

Lightroom CC – Going from Desktop to Mobile – An Introduction to Lightroom for mobile

Lightroom CC – Converting Photographs to Black and White

Lightroom CC – Removing Lens Distortions and Correcting Perspective

Lightroom CC – Viewing Images on a Map

Lightroom CC – Changing Hue, Saturation, and Luminance

Lightroom CC – Cropping Images

Lightroom CC – Comparing, Rating, and Prioritizing Images

Lightroom CC – Organizing Your Photographs

Lightroom CC – Using the Web Module to Create Galleries

Lightroom CC – Removing Dust Spots and Imperfections

Lightroom CC – Removing Dust Spots and Imperfections

Lightroom CC – Using the Radial and Graduated Filters

Lightroom CC – Web Collection Sharing Across Devices

Lightroom CC – Working with DSLR Video

Lightroom CC – Publishing Collections of Photographs to Facebook

Lightroom CC – Printing a Contact Sheet of Photographs

Lightroom CC – Enhancing Isolated Areas of an Image with the Adjustment Brush

Lightroom CC – Importing Photos from your Computer into Lightroom

Lightroom CC – Importing Images From a Camera

Lightroom CC – Overview of the Lightroom Interface

Hidden Gems in Lightroom CC

Facial Recognition in Lightroom CC

Panorama Merge within Lightroom CC

Improved Slideshows in Lightroom CC

High Dynamic Range Imaging within Lightroom CC

Lightroom tutorial