New Petzval 58mm Bokeh Control Art Lens

Petzval 58mm Bokeh Control Art Lens 01

Availability :  December 2015
Color :  Black & Brass
Mount : Canon EF, Nikon F & Adapter mounts for other brand
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Key Features

  • Adjust Swirly Bokeh with the Bokeh Control Ring
  • 58mm with f/1.9
  • Compatible with lots of Digital and Analogue Cameras
  • High quality Russian Glass Optics
  • Brass or Black Finish

The folks of has come up with a New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens. They announced it as a Kickstarter project, commemorating the 175th anniversary of Joseph Petzval’s first Bokeh control lens invented back in 1840.

With the revolutionary Bokeh Control Ring, the New Petzval 58 is the world’s 1st Petzval Bokeh Control Lens. You have complete freedom to adjust the swirly bokeh effect in all kinds of environments and shooting conditions.

The Bokeh Control Ring is located on top of the lens and can be adjusted between levels 1 and 7. Simply by moving this ring, you can change the amount of swirl you get in your Petzval shots. For a subtle swirly bokeh effect, turn the ring to Level 1. But if you want to achieve a more powerful swirly bokeh effect than you’ve ever known before, turn it to Level 7 and watch the world transform right in front of your eyes. The way the Bokeh Control Ring works is deceptively straightforward. By changing the level, you are adjusting the distance between the lens elements and this then affects the strength of the swirly bokeh you get.

Petzval 58mm Bokeh Control Lens

Petzval 58mm Bokeh Control Art Lens - Control Ring

The New Petzval 58 has been specially developed to work with modern analogue and digital cameras and is available in Canon EF and Nikon F mounts (it’s also compatible with multitudes of other cameras using adapter mounts). They used Premium Russian Glass Optics and brass to perfectly mirror the look of original 19th century Petzval lenses. On APS-C format cameras, it has an equivalent focal length close to 85mm, which is absolutely perfect for everything from portrait photography to landscapes and daily life.

Petzval 58mm Bokeh Control Art Lens Construction

Petzval 58mm Bokeh Control Art Lens Compatibility

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Sample Image

Photography by Tat Tso

Photography by Filip Zernzevic

Photography by Antonio Castello

  • Focal Length :  58mm
  • Aperture  :  Waterhouse aperture stops, f/1.9, f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, f/16
  • Image Circle :  44mm
  • Field of View :  41 degrees
  • Lens Mounting Profile :  Canon EF and Nikon F
  • Electronic Contacts :  No
  • Closest Focusing Distance :  0.6m
  • Focusing Mechanism :  Gear rack focusing
  • Filter Thread :  52mm
  • Bokeh Control Levels :  1 (minimum swirl) to 7 (maximum swirl)