Nikon Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200

Nikon Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200

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The Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200 (Amazon | Adorama | B&H) is a budget Speedlight system from Nikon that has been optimized for amateurs looking for something better than their built-in DSLR flash. The Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200 is compatible with Nikon’s Creative lighting System and any camera system that is compatible with this technology. Featuring i-TTL (intelligent through-the-lens) flash control that offers better control over the amount of light that is used to properly illuminate the subject the Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200 is a handy tool to have in low light conditions or even when you want to use it for filling the shadows in bright light. It also comes with manual flash control feature for precise amount of light for your compositions.

The Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200 comes with four independent channels for controlling up to three different Speedlight groups or with any number of independent compatible Speedlight units. These include the SB-900, SB-800, and SB-600 Speedlight units.

The guide number of the Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200 is 10 m/33’ at ISO 100 to 14 m/46’ at ISO 200. The recycling time of the Speedlight unit is 6 seconds and has a lens coverage of 24mm 60° (vertical) and 78° (horizontal). On a full charge of one 3V CR123A lithium battery the Speedlight can give 290 flashes.

The dimensions of the Speedlight are 3.1 x 3.0 x 2.2” and it has a weight of 120 grams. Retailing at $165, this is a budget wireless Speedlight that should cater to most amateurs looking for their first Speedlight.


Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200 Specifications

ConstructionAutomatic Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and series circuitry (for wireless remote flash only)
GN10/33 (ISO 100, m/ft), 14/46 (ISO 200, m/ft)
CoverageCovering light distribution of 24mm lens; 60° (vertical) and 78° (horizontal)
Modei-TTL, D-TTL, TTL (film-based cameras); M (manual)
Recycling timeApprox. 6 seconds or less
Number of flashesApprox. 290 times
BounceFlash head tilts down (toward the optical axis) to 60° with click stops at every 15°, or up to 45° (in the opposite direction) with click stops at every 15°.
Flash durationApprox. 600µs
Mounting footDedicated shoe for Attachment Ring SX-1 or Speedlight Stand AS-20
Target lightWhite LED
PowerOne CR123A (3V) lithium battery
Wt (without battery)Approx. 120g (4.2 oz.)
Dimensions (W x H x D)Approx. 80 x 75 x 55mm (3.1 x 3.0 x2.2 in.)
Comes withSpeedlight Stand (AS-20), Soft Case (SS-R200), Color Filter Set (SJ-R200), Color Filter Holder (SZ-1)
Optional accessoryColor Filter Set (SJ-2)Adapter Ring (UR-5)*

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