Olympus FL-14 Flash

Olympus FL-14 Flash 02

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Key features

  • Stylish design with metal exterior
  • Option of TTL Auto, Auto and Manual modes
  • Fits two AAA batteries

Olympus FL-14 flash has a GN20 power at 200 ISO which is good enough for many photographic situations. The metal finish flash unit can be use with Olympus PEN cameras. The flash covers 28-84mm (35mm equivalent) zoom range.

 Olympus FL-14 Flash 01


Guide numberGN14 (ISO100/m) / GN20 (ISO200/m)
Firing angleCovers the angle of view of a 28mm lens (35mm equivalent)
Power supply2 AAA alkaline batteries2 AAA NiMh batteries
Flash interval*1Approx. 5.5 sec. (when using AAA alkaline batteries) / Approx. 4.5 sec. (when using AAA NiMh batteries)
Number of flashes*1 (at full flash)Approx. 80 (when using AAA alkaline batteries) / Approx. 130 (when using AAA NiMh batteries)
Size (excludes protrusions)70.0mm (W) x 42.5mm (H) x 57.0mm (D)
Weight84g (excludes batteries)
AccessoriesSoft Case


Compatibility Check

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