Olympus FL-50R Flash

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Key features

  • High-performance Flash
  • Wireless Multi-flash Photography
  • High-Speed,1st & 2nd Curtain Sync

Olympus FL-50R is a high end flash. It is optimized for Olympus E-System cameras. This robust unit covers an extensive range of focal length going as wide as 16mm as per 35mm format. A high guide number of 50 helps to illuminate long distant object. Latest generation wireless technology enables this unit to be controlled by compatible cameras. This brings the flexibility and portability to create desirable lighting condition at any place. The built-in Auto focus assist beam is an added benefit for taking pictures in total darkness. The flash head is optimized for bounce flash photography.

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Guide numberGN50 (ISO100/m) / GN70 (ISO200/m) GN20 (ISO100/m) / GN28 (ISO200/m)*

  • Using the built-in wide panel
Firing angleCovers the field of angle of 12mm lens (35mm equivalent focal length: 24mm)Covers the field of angle of 8mm lens (35mm equivalent focal length: 16mm)*

  • Using the built-in wide panel
Wireless (RC) functionFlash Modes: TTL-AUTO, AUTO, MANUAL, FP-TTL-AUTO, FP-MANUALNo. of channels: 4 channelsNo. of group: Independently controlled 3 groups
Slave functionAUTO, MANUAL
BounceUp: 0 to 90 degrees, Down: 0 to 7 degrees, Right: 0 to 90 degrees, Left: 0 to 180 degrees
Custom setupAF illuminator specifications: On/Off, Clip-on setup: On/OffFiring angle display: Four Thirds/35mm equivalent, Distance display: m/ft Flash intensity control: On/Off, Wide panel switch: On/Off ISO, F number display in AUTO mode: On/Off
Power supply (recommended batteries)4 AA alkaline batteries, 4 AA NiMh batteries, 4 AA lithium batteries, 4 AA Oxyride batteries, 2 CR-V3 lithium battery packs, or 4 AA NiCad batteries
Flash interval*1Approx. 6 sec. (when using AA alkaline batteries)/Approx. 4 sec. (when using AA NiMh batteries)
Number of flashes*1 (at full flash)Approx. 150 (when using AA alkaline batteries)/Approx. 200 (when using AA NiMh batteries)
External power supply (sold separately)SHV-1 Flash High Voltage Set (with a dedicated NiMh battery pack)Flash Power Grip FP-1 (C alkaline batteries)
Size (excludes protrusions)78mm (W) x 141mm (H) x 107mm (D)
Weight385g (excludes batteries)
AccessoriesFLBA-1 Bounce Adapter, FLRA-1 Flash Reflector Adapter, FLST-1 Flash Stand, Soft Case

Compatibility Check

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