Olympus FL-600R Flash

Olympus FL-600R Flash 08
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Key features

  • Optional wireless flash shooting (4-channel, 4-group)
  • 1W LED for movie lighting
  • Intelligent, versatile external flash
  • Enabled for wireless Commander Mode
  • Still & movie compatible
  • GN 50 at ISO 200, GN 36 at ISO 100
  • User-friendly control dial and arrow key
  • Uses 4 standard AA batteries

Olympus FL-600R Flash has some new features for the photo enthusiastic of digital era. It has a built-in LED for illuminating the subject in critical lighting. Moreover it helps in videography. The on board wireless feature with 4 channels and groups give the user the flexibility to light up the subject as per need. As a external flash unit it has all the features for bounce flash photography. You can rotate the flash head in all direction.

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Guide numberGN36 (ISO100/m) / GN50 (ISO200/m)GN12 (ISO100/m) / GN17 (ISO200/m)*

  • Using the built-in wide panel
Firing angleCovers the field of angle of 12mm lens (35mm equivalent focal length: 24mm)Covers the field of angle of 8mm lens (35mm equivalent focal length: 16mm)*

  • Using the built-in wide panel
Built-in functionsWide panel, catch light plate
Wireless (RC) functionFlash modes: RC, SL-AUTO, SL-MANUALNo. of channels: 4No. of groups: Independently controlled 4 groups
BounceVertical / horizontal Up: 0 to 90 degrees, Down: 0 to 7 degrees (facing forward 0 degrees)Horizontal: 180 degrees (facing forward 0 degrees)
LEDPower: 1W, Colour: White light, Firing angle: 30 degrees of even lighting

  • Supports a focal length of 12mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 24mm) or greater Illumination: 100 Lux at 1m


  • Controllable at 1 EV steps from full to 1/16
Power supply (recommended batteries)4 AA alkaline batteries / 4 AA NiMh batteries
Flash interval*4Approx. 2.5 sec. (when using AA alkaline batteries)/Approx. 2.0 sec. (when using AA NiMh batteries)
Number of flashes*4 (at full flash)Approx. 280 (when using AA alkaline batteries)/Approx. 400 (when using AA NiMh batteries)
LED flash time*4Approx. 2.8 hours (when using AA alkaline batteries)/Approx. 4 hours (when using AA NiMh batteries)
Size (excludes protrusions)62 (W) x 104 (H) x 98 (D) mm
Weight255g (excludes batteries)
AccessoriesFLST-1 Flash Stand, Soft Case

Compatibility Check

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