Olympus FL-900R flash

olympus-fl-900r-flash-sweevelProduct Summary

  • Model Name: Olympus FL-900R flash
  • Release Date: September 19, 2016
  • Availability: October 2016
  • Price: $579.99


The FL-900R Electronic Flash produces optimal lighting even in challenging environments when combined with the camera’s built-in TruePic image processor and TTL metering. Photographers are able to cover an angle of view for a focal length range of 12–100mm (24–200mm in 35mm equivalent) and 7mm–10mm (14–20mm in 35mm equivalent) when using the built-in wide panel. 

Charging time has been reduced to approximately 2.5 seconds, which provides fast sequential shooting and tracking performance that enables split-second capture of fast-moving subjects. When paired with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, the FL-900R is compatible with various Olympus shooting modes, including Wireless RC mode High-Res Shot, Focus Stacking, Focus Bracketing, Movie Mode (with LED light) and Multi-Flash Mode, for a wide range of photographic expression.

Main Features Detail

Flagship flash with a maximum guide number of 58m

The Olympus FL-900R Electronic Flash, a high-intensity flash with a maximum guide number of 58m, makes use of an Olympus camera’s TruePic image processor and TTL metering to provide optimal lighting in a wide variety of shooting conditions. When using the built-in wide panel, the flash covers an angle of view for a focal length range of 12–100mm (24mm–200mm in 35mm equivalent) and 7–10mm (14–20mm in 35mm equivalent).

10 fps sequential shooting tracking performance, the fastest in its class

Charging circuits have been optimized for nickel metal hydride (Ni–MH) rechargeable batteries to reduce the recycle time to approximately 2.5 seconds, enabling 10 fps sequential shooting and tracking performance to capture split-second motion and fast-moving subjects. 

Compact, lightweight, weather-resistant performance with excellent mobility and reliability

The FL-900R is dustproof, splashproof and freezeproof (-10°C) and, when combined with the E-M1 Mark II, E-M1, E-M5 Mark II and M.ZUIKO PRO lenses, users can take advantage of its compact, lightweight design to shoot in a range of harsh environments.

Versatile shooting features

Wireless RC Mode

Wireless control capabilities make high-intensity, multi-flash photography seamless. From the camera, you can control up to four flash groups, select whether or not a group fires, compensate for flash output, and adjust various settings. The flash is also equipped with a wireless remote function and may be attached to the hot shoe of a camera to be used as the commander flash when using the commander function. An IR filter is also included for when visible light from the commander flash is not necessary.

Multi Flash Mode

Multi Flash Mode is available on the new E-M1 Mark II for capturing subject motion. When the FL-900R is paired with the E-M1 Mark II, users are able to set the flash output, the interval and the number of times the flash fires to capture subject motion in a single image.

Compatible with High-Res Shot, Focus Stacking and Focus Bracketing

The FL-900R also supports unique Olympus functions including High-Res Shot, Focus Stacking and Focus Bracketing. Because the FL-900R recycles so quickly, shorter shooting intervals are now available on these functions.

LED light for video capture

The built-in LED light with a maximum power of 100 lux at 1m supports video capture and is compatible with lenses with a focal length of 12mm (24mm in 35mm equivalent) or higher. 

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