Pentax K-1 – New Firmware Version 1.40


PENTAX K-1 Firmware –  1.40

Change log:

Enhanced features

    • Red-lighted LCD monitor display function
      The PENTAX K-1 provides a red-lighted LCD monitor display function, which prevents the pupils of the photographer’s eyes from closing down after they have become accustomed to a dark environment during astrophotography.
    • Bulb timer function
      The bulb timer function comes in handy when photographing celestial bodies or fireworks. The PENTAX K-1 allows the photographer to expend an exposure time up to 20 minutes in Bulb mode.

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  • During slow shutter speeds the PENTAX K-1 features white dot noise reduction processing. (*1)
  • Overall Improved stability for general performance.
    *1: When Slow Shutter Speed NR is OFF and JPEG image.


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