Pentax Updates Full Frame Teaser

Pentax 35mm full-frame 02

“The new Pentax 35mm full-frame digital SLR camera is equipped with an image sensor for 35 mm full-size images and uses the K-mount lens system. The camera is compatible with all K-mount lenses, such as the FA lenses, which can be used with the same angle of view as with 35mm film cameras. As for the APS-C-size image sensor, the DA lens series, the cropping function makes it possible to use the APS-C-size center portion of an image. By changing the settings, you can also choose a 35mm full-frame angle of view. The D FA lens series—which is beautifully suited to digital images—covers all of these capabilities, including, of course, the 35-mm full-size angle of view.”

Pentax 35mm full-frame 01

Pentax Full frame DSLR

Sample Image

Pentax 35mm full-frame 04*smc PENTAX-FA 24mm F2AL[IF] lens, Shutter speed: 1/1600, Aperture: F10, ISO: 400

Pentax 35mm full-frame 03*smc PENTAX-FA 85mm F1.4[IF] lens, Shutter speed: 1/160, Aperture: F1.8, ISO: 100

*shot with a camera under development.

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