Shoot RAW HD Video With Your Old Canon EOS 50D!!!

Magic Lantern Firmware Hack now can turn your old Canon EOS 50D capable of capturing video shooting. So far the sensor produced very clean high quality raw video. It’s way better  than the Rebel lines. It’s like giving EOS 50D a second life. The software is still under development & currently not available for download. Stay tuned!

Julian from the EOSHD Forum  first tested it and here are his findings.

Resolution & Performance.
Results (24 fps):

1592×1062 – frame skipping after about 50 frames (67.7MB/s)
1592×840 – frame skipping after about 480 frames (53.5MB/s)
1592×720 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)

1320×1062 – frame skipping after about 300 frames (56.1MB/s)
1320×960 – frame skipping after about 1200 frames (50.7MB/s)
1320×840 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)

1280×1062 – frame skipping after about 250 frames (54.4 MB/s)
1280×960 – no frame skipping (49.2MB/s)

download more sample video here

Check here How to install Magic Lantern Firmware?

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