Sigma 1.4x EX DG Tele Converter

Sigma 1.4x EX DG APO Tele-Converter

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The Sigma 1.4x EX DG is designed to extend the focal length of compatible telephoto lenses with a focal length multiplication factor of 1.4x. not all lenses are compatible with this APO tele converter and that is the reason why Sigma releases a list of the lenses which are compatible with this. Using the teleconverter does not affect the performance of the compatible lenses nor their minimum focusing distance. However aperture is slightly affected as now the widest aperture would be one stop smaller. As such if you’re using a teleconverter and looking to shoot hand held you may have to now use a tripod to accommodate a slightly longer shutter speed. in tricky lighting conditions, fast action will be a problem unless you’re using a f/2.8 lens (which when stopped down one step to f/4 will still be good enough) for shooting pictures.

Sigma has provided multi-layer coating on the teleconverter to reduce flares and ghosts and ensure that the overall performance quality of the lenses specially the superior quality lenses are not affected due to this teleconverter. Sigma in fact suggests the best results are usually obtained using the Sigma DG lenses. Here Dg stands basically for Digital lenses from the Sigma line-up.

The tele converter has a total of 5 elements arranged 3 groups and has external dimensions of 68.5mm×19.5mm. The weight of the converter is 160 grams. Sigma ships these teleconverters with a body and a lens cap together with a carrying case for easy transportation of the teleconverter when not in use. Also check Sigma 2x EX DG Tele Converter

Sigma 1.4x EX DG Tele Converter Specifications

Construction5 elements in 3 groups
Focal length1.4x that of a master lens
Aperture coupling rangeF2.8 – F32
Reproduction ratio1.4x that of a master lens
Dimensions68.5 X 19.5mm
(2.7in. X 0.8in.)
Wt.160g (5.6oz.)


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Sigma 1.4x EX DG Tele Converter

Sigma 1.4x EX DG Tele Converter Cap front

Sigma 1.4x EX DG Tele Converter Pouch

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