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Sony HVL-F20S Flash

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Key features

At 63gm weight Sony HVL-F20S is a very compact flash for its NEX mirrorless cameras. The unique design makes this flash quite flexible to create variable lighting condition. With GN 66 ft (ISO100) and an angle of coverage from 10mm to 35mm its an excellent option as a portable light source.

*Sony NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-5R, NEX-C3, NEX-5N, NEX-5R, and NEX-F3 Digital Cameras
*Not compatible with cameras featuring the older Sony/Minolta style Auto-Lock Accessory Shoe or the newer Sony Multi Interface Shoe

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Guide number (ISO 100 · m) Focal length setting (35 mm full-frame format) 24 mm(Standard position) 50 mm(TELE position) 15 mm(Wide panel attached)
Focal length setting (APS-C format) 16 mm(Standard position) 35 mm(TELE position) 10 mm(Wide panel attached)
Normal flash (1/1 power level) 14 20 7
  24 mm at standard position. 50 mm at TELE position.15 mm with wide panel attached (16 mm, 35 mm, 10 mm at the focal lengths marked on E-mount lenses).
Frequency (approx.) (based on Sony measurement) 0.1 – 5 sec.
Flash coverage Covers angles of view to 50 mm focal length. Wide angle adaptor covers angles of view to 27 mm focal length.
Bounce flash Available. Click position: up 75°
Flash control Pre-flash control (P-TTL)
Auto white balance Available
Power source Supplied from camera body*
Dimensions (W x H x D) / weight Approx. 60 x 71 x 53 mm / 63 g
Supplied accessories Wide panel, terminal protector cap, carrying pouch