Sony HVL-F32M Flash

Sony HVL-F32M Flash 09

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Key features

  • Slim, compact and lightweight flash with GN32 (105 mm, ISO 100• m)
  • Dust and moisture resistant design.
  • Built-in wide panel and bounce sheet.
  • Charge progress indicator and LCD Panel.
  • Auto Zoom Control Optimised: 15 mm/24 mm–105 m

The Sony HVL-F32M is a mid range TTL flash with 24-105mm angle of coverage. The range can be extended to 15 mm with built in wide angle adapter. The flash head can rotate a total 270 degree side wise while it can be tilted 8 degree downward and 90 degree upward making bounce flash photography very easy. The weather seal flash runs on 2 AA batteries.

Product Photo

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Sony HVL-F32M Flash 11

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Sony HVL-F32M Flash 05

Sony HVL-F32M Flash 03


α3500 / α3000α7Rα7RⅡ
α6000FDR-AX30FDR-AX33 / AXP33 / AXP35
DSC-HX60V / HX60


Guide number (ISO 100 · m)
Focal length setting (lens)15 mm24 mm50 mm70 mm105 mm
Normal flash (1/1 power level)9.119.524.027.531.5
High-speed sync (HSS) (shutter speed: sec.)1/2503.
Power level switching22 levels (1/1, 1/2 , 1/4 , 1/8 , 1/16 , 1/32 , 1/64 , 1/128) 1/3 steps
Cycle time / frequency (approx.) (based on Sony measurement)Alkaline batteryApprox. more than 120 timesApprox. 0.1 – 5 seconds
Ni-MH batteryApprox. more than 150 timesApprox. 0.1 – 4 sec.
Lithium batteryNot compatible
Flash coverageCovers the angle of view at focal length between 24mm and 105mm. Automatically switched at changes in focal length. Covers the angle of view of at 15mm focal length with the wide panel
Bounce flashAvailable. Click position: up (30°/ 45°/ 60°/75°/90°), down (8°), right (30°/45°/60°/75°/90°/120°/150°/180°, left 30°/45°/60°/75°/90°)
Continuous flash5 flashes / second, total 40 flashes (1/32 power level, with Ni-MH battery)
Flash controlPre-flash control (P-TTL/ADI), manual flash control selectable
Wireless flashAvailable as wireless flash controller / off-camera flash
High-speed syncAvailable in all shutter speeds when used with a Sony Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera that has a Multi Interface Shoe and an Auto-lock Accessory Shoe
Auto white balanceAvailable (except the α100)
Auto zoom control optimized for image sensor sizeAvailable (except the α100)
Dust and moisture resistantDesigned to be dust and moisture resistant
Power source2x AA-size batteries (Alkaline / Ni-MH)
Dimensions (W x H x D) / weightApprox. Approx. 66 x 119 x 82 mm, Approx. 235 g (without batteries)
Supplied accessoriesMini-stand, case, connector protect cap