Sony Mount Adaptor LA-EA4 w/TMT

Sony Mount Adaptor LA-EA4 w:TMT 04

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Key features

  • Mounts A-mount lenses on E-mount bodies
  • 35 mm full-frame compatible
  • Built-in AF motor and 15-point AF sensor ensure speedy, continuous autofocus with A-mount lenses
  • Responsive autofocus for movies as well as stills
  • Built-in aperture mechanism supports AE with A-mount lenses

Sony Mount Adaptor LA-EA4 helps to mount your Alpha A-mount lenses to E-mount camera body. It features Translucent Mirror Technology for maintaining auto focus during still photography and videography. Moreover for optimum performance it has aperture drive mechanism that ensures correct exposure.

Sony Mount Adaptor LA-EA4 w:TMT 01

Sony Mount Adaptor LA-EA4 w:TMT 07

A firmware update to the latest version is required.
STF lenses are manual focus only. Use with teleconverters is not recommended.
The sound of camera and lens operation, as well as other operational sounds, may be recorded when recording videos
When recording videos using autofocus the aperture will be set to F3.5, or the maximum aperture of the lens when it is larger than F3.5. Exposure settings including aperture can be set as required when recording videos using manual focus.”

Product Photo

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Sample Image

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Focus Points : 15-point AF system with 3 cross sensors
AF Modes : Continuous AF, Single-shot
Focus System : TTL phase detection system
Dimensions  : 3 1/8 x 3 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches
Weight : 160g

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