Stretcher Prints – Prints made from recycled plastic bottles

‘Stretcher Print’ – the perfect blank canvas to show off your photography talents!

Innovative Eco-company, based in Bradford, Yorkshire have created a totally unique wall art product that promises to showcase your photographs to dazzling effect. ‘Stretcher Prints’ are completely unlike all other wall canvas products on the market. For starters, each print is made of up to 22 recycled 50cl plastic bottles, which is great news for the environment, but it’s also perfect for all budding photographers wanting to show off their pictures!

Stretcher Prints - 2

The unique properties of the material make it incredibly flexible, durable and washable too! The flexibility of the fabric means that Stretcher Prints are not constrained by rigid wooden frames, and can be formed into some really unique and unusual shapes. The Pioneer, The Explorer, The Adventurer, The Stargazer and The Creator are their five signature designs, and are totally unlike anything else you can buy. The unusual shaped canvas can really make your image pop. Co2nscience believe that their special shapes, along with the right image, makes for a stunning combination.

If razor-sharp images and vibrant colours are important to you, then Stretcher Prints are where it’s at! The recycled fabric is printed on using the latest textile printing processes, to create a finish that is vibrant and colour fast, and can even be washed on a cool cycle, without any fear of clarity diminishment. The quality of print finish is extraordinarily sharp and vivid, as vouched for by many of the professional photographers who have chosen to partner with Co2nscience.

Stretcher Prints

Amongst the highly talented photographers that Co2nscience have teamed up with, are: Derek Kind, a Canadian artist specialising in dramatic landscape photography, Mark Denton, a Yorkshire-based panoramic photographer and Joolz Dymond, the UK’s premier female cycling photographer, to provide a diverse range of off-the-shelf style options for every environment.

Co2nscience have also been licensed by the National Archives and Transport for London, and, more recently, the Press Association, to reproduce some of their iconic and award winning images.

Stuart Jones, Founder and MD of believes that Stretcher Prints will appeal to Photographers, wanting to showcase their photography in a really unique, eyecatching way.

Stuart said, “I know how exciting it is to finally achieve that perfect photograph, and that feeling of wanting to display it on the wall for all to see! I felt that the current available product options – of ordinary, traditional-shaped canvas wall prints, were lacking in the ‘wow-factor’ that people really need to show off their photography talent – which is why I came up with Stretcher Prints! Their unique shape and material is so different from anything I’d seen before. The flexibility of the material meant that we could create some really unique shapes, which we feel really offset photographs beautifully – We want to help transform those amateur images into works of art!”

Stretcher Prints have already garnered some amazing responses from those who’ve been privileged to receive the very first preview versions. Photography Monthly commented: “The Stretcher Prints look stunning and feel amazing.” Jade Price, Multimedia Writer, Photography Monthly & Professional Photographer.

Stretcher Prints are the eye-catching wall print of choice for the stylish, eco-conscious generation.

To view Co2nscience’s ‘Stretcher Print’ project on Kickstarter, please click here

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