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Tamron SP AF 1.4x PRO Teleconverter

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Teleconverters are an effective method of increasing the focal length of a lens without necessarily having to break your bank. A combination of a medium telephoto lens and a teleconverter offers a larger focal length reach and is cheaper compared to a single telephoto or super telephoto lens.

The Tamron SP AF 1.4x PRO Teleconverter is meant for most auto-focus and auto-exposure cameras and allows for a lens’ focal length to be magnified by a factor of 1.4x. This teleconverter is designed for use with ideally a f/2.8 lens with a focal length range of 90mm. This makes lenses such as the Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di LD (IF) or the Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD ideally suitable to be used with this teleconverter. You can also use the macro lens like Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di 1:1 with this. If used with lenses that have a lower maximum f-stop of say f/4 or even f/5.6 there will be some difference in image quality. There will be no changes in the closest focusing distance of the lens and it shall retain the same. There is however an effective reduction of f-stop which means an f/2.8 lens will become f/4 when mounted on this teleconverter.

The teleconverter has a total of 4 elements arranged in 4 groups. Multiple coating has been provided to reduce flares and ghosts. Chromatic aberrations are suppressed leading to better color saturation and sharper images. The teleconverter is 0.7” in length and 2.6” in diameter. The weight of the teleconverter is 132 grams.

Tamron SP AF 1.4x PRO Teleconverter Specifications

Construction (Groups/Elements) 4/5
Coating Multiple Layer
Exposure Magnification Approx. 2 times
(1 diaphragm)
Depth of Field 1/1.4 of prime lens
Barrel Length 19.4mm
Wt 132g
Max Barrel Diameter 68.0mm
Mount Canon, Nikon


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