Tamron SP AF 2x Pro Teleconverter

Tamron SP AF 2x Pro Teleconverter

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Tamron’s Pro series teleconverters such as the SP AF 2x Pro, are designed for use with host lenses which have a minimum wide f-stop of f/2.8 and a focal length of 90m. These teleconverters do what any other teleconverters out in the market do, increase the focal length range of the lens, which in this case is by a factor of 2x. Teleconverters are the cheapest way to extend the focal length of your camera lens. This is suitable for capturing stunning images of wildlife, sports or action. They are much cheaper compared to a standard telephoto lens and thus can be easily afforded by most photographers. Interestingly Tamron recommends this product to photographers who use an APS-C DSLR. The teleconverter has no impact on the auto-focus and auto-exposure capabilities of a camera that it is used with.

The Tamron SP AF 2x Pro Teleconverter has a total of 4 elements arranged in 4 groups and comes with multiple coating to ensure that the pictures captured are sharp and devoid of any color fringing, ghosts and flares. However, it is to be ensured that the teleconverter should not be used with a lens that has a wider than 90mm focal length reach. Quality of images will be degraded for any lens that has a slower than f/5.6 aperture. At the same time lenses which are very wide should not be used with this teleconverter. Length of the teleconverter is only 1” and its barrel diameter is 2.6”. Both Nikon and Canon mounts are available.

Tamron SP AF 2x Pro Teleconverter Specifications

Construction (Groups/Elements)4/7
CoatingMultiple Layer
Exposure MagnificationApprox. 4 times
(2 diaphragm)
Depth of Field1/2 of prime lens
Max Barrel Diameter68.5mm
Available MountCanon, Nikon


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Tamron SP AF 2x Pro Teleconverter Canon Mount

Tamron SP AF 2x Pro Tele converter

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