Tamron’s Subsidiary In India

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Tamron Co., Ltd. (Morio Ono, President & CEO) announced today that it had established a new wholly owned subsidiary in India aimed at expanding sales organization to achieve higher sales volumes and improving every facet of the customer service.


India, being one of the major markets in the world that has posted significant growths in recent years, has been served by local distributors. In 2009, Tamron established a representative office in India to collect market information and initiated extensive research activities thereafter. To take it to the next phase, Tamron decided to establish a subsidiary to be prepared for further expansion of the market relating to interchangeable lenses for DSLR/mirror-less cameras, and optics for security/surveillance cameras. This is a major strategic move of the company to solidify its foothold in one of the fast growing markets in the world by broadening the customer base as well as enhancing the brand recognition.

Specifics of the plan

Address Gurgaon (Suburbs of Delhi), Haryana, India
Representative Nitin Goel, President & CEO
Principal Business Marketing and service of optical products
Capital 28 Million Indian Rupee
Share Ratio 99.6% by Tamron Co., Ltd.,
0.4% by Tamron Europe GmbH.
Date of establishment March 15, 2013
Employees 5 (starting)
Start of Operation June, 2013 (projected)


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