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Tokina AT-X 24-70mm F2.8 PRO SD IF FX Lens

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In focal zone as a standard zoom 24-70mm of the royal road of full-size, there are many products in the open value of F2.8 ~ F4 on the market. In As you know that affect the optically difference F value depth of field, there is unwavering the superiority of F2.8 in expressive power.Like a difference of six-string guitar and 12-string guitar, is the deep comes into representation by harmonic (blur) is applied.

Certainly F4 design optically there is rationality, advantageous with respect to miniaturization of the lens. However, the difference between the F value one stage comes into play in every scene. In addition, 24-70mm in the focal zone multiplied by the prestige of the lens manufacturer, there are many masterpieces. It met in the AT-X 24-70 F2.8 PRO FX is working to differentiate itself in obedient of height and representation of the faithful image quality to basic.

In particular, it is characterized by selectively used a special lens, aspherical lens which is arranged in the front and rear paired to correct astigmatism and distortion. Aspheric lenses with SD glass which is located close to the aperture, and corrects spherical aberration and chromatic aberration.

Although the spherical aberration and the chromatic aberration is the aberration in categories monochromatic aberration and the chromatic aberration is different, the axial chromatic aberration because it is “aberration in the distance” As with the spherical aberration, the design philosophy is reasonable.Although be aspherical the material basis brittle SD lens it requires advanced technology, the AT-X 24-70 F2.8 PRO FX, which is realized in the large diameter of 30mm greater. By clearly share the aspherical lens from the role that work in pairs, and is both a high resolution and a soft blur.


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Focal length 24-70mm Maximum Aperture F2.8
Format 24 × 36mm35mm full size Minimum Aperture F22
Lens constitution 11 15 sheets group Coating Multilayer coating
Angle of view 84.20 ° ~ 34.49 ° Filter Size 82mm
Minimum shooting distance 0.38m Macro maximum magnification 1: 4.73
Focus system Front inner focus Aperture number of blades 9
Greatest dimension 89.6mm Overall length 107.5mm
Weight 1,010g Hood (included) BH-822