Usain Bolt Celebrates With Lightning Bolt

Double bolt

AFP Photographer Olivier Morin captured this extraordinary shot of Usain Bolt with an extra bolt in the back ground. The image is one of the two frames that captured at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow 2013, using a remote-controlled camera.

Olivier Morin wrote, “My hand-held shots are transmitted directly to AFP’s photo editors, while those from the remote-controlled device go straight to my laptop. I started looking through these images one at a time – there were a few decent shots on the first four cameras. Then I opened up the pictures from the final camera.

I admit, with only a thumbnail view at first, I didn’t even see the lightning in the background, but after a moment I saw four photos with the bolt in the sky. Two of these weren’t usable because the cloud was too dark and the lightning was hard to see. But with the other two images, thanks to a little luck, the lightning is nice and visible; I’d gotten “the” shot.”

Source AFP

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